Company update

We’re celebrating 1000 Members, and we’re just getting started

Where We Started

When we launched on March 1, 2023 after months of research interviews, we had honed in on a longstanding problem: women in engineering often lack the sense of belonging and professional community that their male peers enjoy, at all stages of their careers. The result is less access to the critical information, support, and professional networks that are essential for accelerating one's career goals and personal fulfillment.

So we set out to change that.

Enter The New Club, a members-only network for women in engineering that provides the support women need at every stage of their career. We envisioned a community where women can connect, collaborate, and uplift one another while they thrive at the cutting-edge of technology. At the same time, we wanted to create a clear path to top-growing progressive startup founders and engineering leaders who value bringing brilliant female technical talent onto their teams.

When we started last March, we were a small and mighty community, and within a year we were both surprised and humbled by the feedback and reception. We hosted countless in-person events, professional development retreats, career coaching sessions, and intro calls to help our members have access to some of our hottest and most promising startup partners. And through it all, we met more amazing women and organically grew as women told one another about The New Club.

Where We’re Heading

Today, we are thrilled to celebrate all 1,058 (and counting) of our current members and amplify the work of truly amazing women like:

  • Ari Font Llitjós, former Director of ML Engineering at Twitter with over 23 years of software engineering experience and current startup founder helping business leverage AI and ML responsibly.

  • Tracy Chou, Stanford BS and MS, Time Woman of the Year, Forbes 30 under 30, founder and CEO of Block Party which builds tools for online safety and privacy, and pioneering software engineer known for her work advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech.

  • Ceslee Montgomery, Stanford/Ga Tech, CS + Sociology, AI Researcher at Google with publications and product landings in work centered on visual understanding in large models and enhancing model robustness through synthetic data augmentation. Former work on Multimodality on Google Search, image editing with GenAI, teaching robots instruction-following, and personal style algorithms with early Data Science at Stitch Fix, Pebble.

  • Claire Hough, CTO of Getlabs, former CTO, VP Engineering and early employee at Carbon Health, Apollo GraphQL, Udemy, Nextag, Napster and Netscape, and investor with a long track record of empowering high-growth startups.

  • Jessica Mong, former Director of Engineering at Visible Hands, former founder of ULOH, a marketplace for African goods and services, and early SurveyMonkey employee who built their Machine Learning Platform team.

This community has always been about amplifying women leading the way in innovation in a field that has long been male-dominated, epitomized by the women above and countless more of our members.

One power of women is our ability to support each other through community.

In our second year, our roadmap is growing and we will continue to uplift and empower our members, connecting them to one another and new opportunities. We already have plans for tech Summits, Retreats, virtual events, in-person dinners, company showcases, and more.

We can’t wait to see what’s next. Won’t you join us?

Apply to be a member or company partner today, or send us to the Women in Engineering in your network:

The New Club at our Fall 2023 Women in Engineering professional development retreat in California