Company update

Our $3.1M Fundraise To Build Next-Gen Professional Network Centered Around Female Engineering Leaders

We started The New Club to empower and elevate women in engineering and connect them with the community and careers to excel. Since our founding in 2023, we have cultivated a vibrant community of over 1,000 senior women in engineering, ranging from staff-level engineers and managers to VPs, CTOs, and founders. And we’ve been energized by the positive feedback from community members, ranging from “The New Club reminds me of why I joined software engineering in the first place” to one of our personal favorites: “Everyone is SO technical — just what I like!”

Today, we're excited to share our $3.1M fundraise to build a truly next-generation professional network — focused on enabling meaningful, genuine connections, leveraging proprietary data and thoughtful use of AI, and centered around women in engineering as the starting network nodes.

Our vision starts with building the most talent-dense network for senior women in engineering through in-person and digital connection. So far, we’ve hosted over 150 in-person events and learning experiences – from intimate dinners to electric fireside chats and one-of-a-kind Women in Engineering weekend retreats — and looking to the future, we are excited to build the tech platforms to scale our impact and community. (PS: if this piques your interest, reach out about our Engineer-in-Residence roles to learn more or join us.

What We’re Working On

We're excited to welcome a stellar group of investors and advisors to our community who share our mission:

  • Sierra Ventures, original investor in digital recruiting platform

  • Afore Capital, leading pre-seed investor

  • Operator Collective (Mallun Yen)

  • Precursor Ventures (Charles Hudson)

  • Dragonfly Capital

  • Stanford GSB’s 2021 Fund

  • Deborah Quazzo, founder of GSV Ventures

  • Steve Bartel, CEO of Gem

  • Evan Moore, cofounder of DoorDash and former Opendoor executive

  • Mariam Naficy, GP of Heretic Ventures

  • Pam Kostka, founding CEO of Women in VC organization AllRaise

…and so many more incredible angels and strategic partners.

What We’re Building

Our fundraise will go towards continuing to connect the world’s women in engineering — with each other and with career opportunities at the world's fastest growing companies.

We’re looking forward to creating more of The New Club at its best: a room full of female technologists at the cutting-edge.

At our latest gathering in February, the energy in the room was unmissable as an audience of 100+ senior/staff women in engineering and AI gathered for a closed door conversation with one of NVIDIA’s senior-most VPs of AI Software Products - Kari Briski - badass business leader, mom, and of course, engineer.

Co-hosting the event were similarly industry-leading female VCs — Mallun Yen, Founder & General Partner of Operator Collective, a venture firm itself turning venture on its head, with an LP base of majority female C-Suite SaaS Execs, and Sara Choi, partner at Wing VC and former two-time founder.

February 2024 Fireside Chat with Kari Ann Briski, VP of Generative AI Software Product at NVIDIA

We’re excited to replicate the energy at our upcoming events in SF, NYC, and beyond - currently curating our next powerhouse gathering themed “Building at the Edge: AI, Climate, & More,” taking place in April 2024, where we’ll feature fireside chats and technology showcases on AI, Data, Climate, Web3 and beyond — you can join us to see, or share, first-hand what is being built for the future.

Our goal is to fundamentally shape the tech industry for the better by building a powerful, authentic, and deep network that positions more female technologists at the forefront of today’s rapidly-evolving technology landscape.

We invite you to join us: apply to be a member, share our invite with the Women in Engineering in your life, or join us as a company partner today at

May 2023 Professional Development Retreat in Northern California